Typestries designs unique, creative and attractive business branding and logo designs that get your small business noticed.


An integrated approach to crafting brands that combines market research, business intelligence and more than 25 years of design expertise.

Branding and logo design services include:

  • Market research-both in the real and virtual worlds, taking into account your business style and product
  • Localization of your brand to audience – example beach communities, mainland, inland, mountains, country, etc
  • Branding brainstorming-look and feel, style, color, audience, execution
  • Design sketches and comps-from start to finish-from basic ideas to finished designs
  • Logo rendering and design – from your brainstorming or ours
  • Creation of original, non-clipart, non-repeating final production ready design artwork
  • Designs created for vehicle advertising, business cards, brochures, websites,
    print ads and marketing uses that is unique and individualized to your business.

Build your business image on a solid foundation. Set the pillars of your growth on a solid base with a strong, commanding brand.
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