We’ve all seen the standard ‘red carpet’ clips that come out of every event. In the marketing industry, it’s called a ‘step and repeat.’ And in the background is that inconspicuous wall with the name of the event and the event sponsors – your Dolce Gabana, your Virgin Airlines and your Pepsi, every few inches.

Some eyeballs fixate on the designer clothes walking the red carpet; some eyeballs fixate on the certain physical proportions in those clothes. Whether we realize it or not, we’re all taking in the event graphics in the background of photo walls (sometimes called step and repeat, or press wall).



Because in addition to the celeb news channels shooting video, thousands of photos are taken. And perhaps millions will scroll through the photos, seeing the brands on the photo wall. And it’s just a simple matter of large format digital printing.

But a step and repeat isn’t just for award shows and Hollywood film premiers. An increasing number of smaller events from independent film festivals to local fundraisers are making use of photo walls.


Maybe you’re not bankrolled by Monster Energy or Samsung, but without your sponsors, your event might not happen. Moreover, you need to take every opportunity to get your own brand out there. E! News might not be there, but hundreds of people from your community will.

Step and repeat banner backdrops on Long Beach Island in Ocean County

Step and repeat banner backdrops on Long Beach Island in Ocean Count


Event organizers and event promoters on Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, and the length of the Jersey Shore have come to Typestries for the use of our signage services and digital printing services for events. Everyone likes having their picture taken in front of the photo wall, especially when they’re all dolled up for an event. And a lot of those pictures will wind up on social media. Why not get stop by Typestries today and have some dynamite visual signage at your next event?

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